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Twin Cities Orthopedics physicians practice in 30 locations throughout the Minneapolis metro are including clinics in: Edina, Maple Grove, Coon Rapids, Burnsville, Eden Prairie, Chaska, Waconia, Shoreview, Plymouth, Elk River, and many more.

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One-stop for all seasons
“We have a unique mix of board certified/ eligible generalists and fellowship trained sub-specialists,” says David Holte, M.D., spine surgeon and TCO president. “We provide a complete line of orthopedic service, such as surgical and non-surgical treatment, advanced diagnostic imaging (MRI), Level I trauma care, podiatry, rehabilitation and other provisions of orthopedics, such as orthotics and prosthetics.”

Hope for the Hip:
Hip Resurfacing: Hip resufacing offers younger patients more mobility
Patients younger than 55 years of age with hip arthritis have become one of the most rapidly growing patient groups at Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO).

Hip Pain: Hip replacement an option for arthritis
Enhanced surgical techniques and modern care during and after the hospital stay have helped speed patients to quick recoveries back to near-normal function.

Carpal Tunnel: Forget the keyboard
Forget the myth about too much typing leading to carpal tunnel syndrome, because it might not have anything to do with a keyboard. Instead, pay attention to your patient’s family medical history.

Shoulder Pain: Shouldering the pain
When managing young inseason athletes, treatment with brief immobilization and early rehabilitation remains a good option. Surgery can be delayed until the off season for those athletes with persistent instability despite appropriate rehabilitation, or those who desire to minimize risk of recurrent instability over time.

Running Pain: Out of steam
Though dubbed “runner’s knee” because joggers and sprinters often suffer from pain under and around the kneecap, patellofemoral pain syndrome actually affects all types of athletes. So even if hitting the track is not your sport, this type of injury may still affect you.