Orthopedics Magazine Articles
Volume One, Issue Two

Getting better and better
Increased patient satisfaction drives TCO 2008 expansion

Fast and convenient care
AccessORTHO offers urgent, non-emergency orthopedic care

Healing together
Individual and group care improves recovery after joint replacement

If the shoe fits
Feet bothering you? Your footwear may to be blame

Preventing recurrent disc herniations
Twin Cities Orthopedics spine surgeons pioneer technique - annular disc repair

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Fast and convenient care

AccessORTHO offers urgent, non-emergency orthopedic care

If you or your child hurt your ankle while playing a pickup game of football, what do you do? The ankle might be sprained or even broken. So you go to the local hospital emergency room only to be told that you have to wait before being seen by a doctor. Or you can schedule a trip to your primary-care physician to get a referral to a specialist, which might take even longer. Fortunately, Twin Cities residents with an urgent orthopedic problem, such as you or your child’s injured ankle, now have an alternative.

Courtesy of AccessORTHO, an urgent orthopedic care program launched by Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) in 2008, patients can access an orthopedic physician on the same or next business day. AccessORTHO is available at 30 TCO locations from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, which means patients can make one call to one phone number, avoid waits in the emergency room for non-emergency orthopedic problems, and still receive orthopedic treatment for urgent musculoskeletal problems.

Urgent care may be defined as care that can safely be postponed for the time it takes to contact a physician for instructions on obtaining treatment. In the orthopedic setting, that equates to problems such as sprains, strains, and simple fractures. (For more serious problems, such as an obvious fracture, TCO directs patients to go to the ER.) But if your son twists his knee at a soccer game on a Tuesday night or you twist your knee doing lawn work, you can get in to see an orthopedic physician the next morning at any one of TCO’s 30 locations by calling (888) 544-OUCH. One call or one visit puts you in the office of an orthopedic physician, in your own neighborhood, either that day or the next business day. You won’t need a referral, and you’ll see an orthopedic physician, not a nurse or physician assistant.

AccessORTHO provides essential emergency medical care to children and adults with musculoskeletal injuries. Many of the patients seen are children with fractures, who receive nonsurgical treatment on the spot. Individuals who require prompt medical attention that is not life-threatening are likely to be treated more quickly at an orthopedic direct care center, such as AccessORTHO, than at a hospital emergency room.

Through the AccessORTHO program, TCO physicians are able to quickly treat many acute, non emergency conditions, including closed fractures, minor dislocations, cast or wound dressing problems, sudden neck or back pain, carpal tunnel pain, tennis elbow, and other sports injuries, sprains and strains.

The AccessORTHO program is part of TCO’s overall focus on patient satisfaction. To obtain more information about TCO’s AccessORTHO program, go to www.accessortho.tcomn.com.