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Volume One, Issue Two

Getting better and better
Increased patient satisfaction drives TCO 2008 expansion

Fast and convenient care
AccessORTHO offers urgent, non-emergency orthopedic care

Healing together
Individual and group care improves recovery after joint replacement

If the shoe fits
Feet bothering you? Your footwear may to be blame

Preventing recurrent disc herniations
Twin Cities Orthopedics spine surgeons pioneer technique - annular disc repair

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Healing together

Individual and group care improves recovery after joint replacement

Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) values a close working relationship with the staff at its affiliated hospitals and surgery centers. These relationships help ensure referred patients are offered complete care before and after they undergo surgery.

In the case of joint replacement surgery, the TCO staff has worked closely with the staff at the Ridgeview Medical Center, Center for Joint Replacement; the Joint Center at North Memorial Medical Hospital; and the Joint Replacement Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital to develop an educational and therapeutic experience for patients that has proved to improve both patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The group experience
The experience begins with a pre-operative educational session filled with as little as four or as many as 20 patients; most of whom will also participate together in group physical therapy sessions following surgery.

While attending the pre-operative educational session, patients are given educational reference guides filled with answers to common questions such as: What does my new joint replacement look like? When will I be able to walk again? When will the pain go away? Sessions are guided by occupational and physical therapists who are also available to help answer additional questions and calm anxieties.

Patients are encouraged to bring a friend or family member to act as a coach. “We encourage the coach to come to all of the hospital visits including the pre-operative educational session, the therapy sessions, and the nursing education sessions,” said Katie Trent, a physical therapist and program coordinator at Ridgeview Medical Center,Center for Joint Replacement. “There is so much going on, it is helpful for the patient to have someone listening and learning with them. It also makes everyone more confident when it’s time to go home.”

Joint Replacement Education Program
In addition to Ridgeview Medical Center, North Memorial Medical Center and Abbott Northwestern Hospital, TCO physicians have also worked with the staff at Fairview Southdale Hospital to develop the Total Joint Replacement Education Program. This comprehensive and popular class prepares patients and their families for surgery, their hospital stay, rehabilitation, and long-range goals that might include returning to an active lifestyle.

“Our patients love the education they receive,” said Deb Smith, RN, a clinical nurse/educator at Fairview Southdale Hospital. “In fact, one total knee replacement patient comes to the class every Monday to tell others who are contemplating joint replacement how valuable the information is and how happy he is with his outcome.”

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